Learning Line Resources

The Learning Line is supported by the Quality Early Education System (QEES), Conscious Awareness Learning Model (CALM) and Early Literacy Matters Program (ELM). It’s specifically set up for all Hillsborough County Preschool Providers, Family Child Care Homes and their families (with children ages birth to 5).


Here’s how it works:

  • Call the hotline, 813-259-6415, and leave a message. Your call will be directed to the early childhood specialist that will return your call to help meet your specific needs.

  • You will be given one-on-one guidance and provided age appropriate resources to meaningful learning experiences to help children stay engaged and continue learning during this uncertain/transitional time. The resources will range from social-emotional regulation, math, science and literacy.

We are also posting video resources to our YouTube channel and printable activities to go along with these videos on this page.

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Instructions: Click on each page to download the PDF. Then click on the images in the PDF to go to our corresponding YouTube video!

Questions about the resources? Ask our coaches!