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The Conscious Awareness Learning Model (CALM) provides universal training to early education providers and families in social-emotional learning using the Conscious Discipline® approach. The program builds the foundation for constructive problem solving and self-regulation, allowing children to be successful in their early years and ready for kindergarten.


We foresee that the broad reach of CALM will have a positive impact on the quality of early childhood education throughout Hillsborough County.

The goal of CALM is sequential, full immersion in the Conscious Discipline® approach, as outlined by Dr. Becky Bailey, through participant training, continuing education, on-site coaching and family support initiatives. 

CALM is designed to encourage early learning practitioners to connect, develop empathy and be fully engaged in the classroom and at home. These principles are designed to encourage unity, connections and contributions for young learners.

Conscious Discipline®

Conscious Discipline® is based on psychological research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices that have been specifically designed to foster changes in the lives of adults first. The adults, in turn, foster change in the lives of children.

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Events & Workshops

Excellent information on understanding and responding to challenging behaviors. Great ideas on managing the classroom.


I like how the skills help create a caring classroom and the breathing activities help disengage stress.

The Five Steps to Self-Regulation

The Seven Life Skills

Linda Sanchez  

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